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Weekly Marriage Counseling

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Marriage Counseling to Save Your Marriage

Weekly marriage counseling in Baltimore is an effective way to solve relationship problems. If you are currently in a troubled marriage, think about attending weekly therapy sessions in order to improve your marriage.

Of course, marriage counseling sessions do not have to be attended weekly. You can arrange an interval you feel comfortable with and that fits your goals. In the beginning it is usually important to come more frequently, to jump over the initial hurdles. As you get more comfortable and able to handle things on your own, you can come less frequently, until you are regularly utilizing the skills you’ve learned. Then, you can decide to attend marriage therapy less frequently and might attend once a year or two for a marriage health check-up.

My main goal is to help you to see me less and less frequently. I want to help you work through and resolve your issues, and then help you to learn the skills you need to continue in your marriage without weekly marriage counseling in Baltimore.