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Marriage Counseling for Couples

Counseling and Therapy for Couples in Baltimore

I give hope to troubled couples. Even when they think they have grown to hate each other, I show couples the path for them to learn to love each other again in my Baltimore, Maryland office.

Thankful Patients

Of course no therapist helps everyone, but here are some letters of gratitude from a few of the couples I helped. These people are forever grateful to me for helping them to save their marriages.

Vast Experience

I have been developing my methods for working with troubled couples for over 40 years. I have watched countless couples rekindle their love, as they learn how to open or re-open communication with each other, and how to express themselves in ways the other understands.

I Can Help You Save Your Marriage

I can help your marriage as well, if it can be saved. My vast experience is one of the useful tools that help my patients when they are working to fix their marriages in my Baltimore office. I help couples resolve their issues and then I help them learn better skills so they can work together for the long run.

I love doing this because I enjoy helping people. One of my patients actually called me a “True Love Warrior”. I want you to rekindle the love in your relationship (if possible). I want your relationship to work out (if it is able to be saved). I want you to grow as a person and as a couple and to be happy doing it. I will show you the path to make that happen.

Looking forward to working with you,