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About Frank Gunzburg, Ph.D.

Dr. Gunzburg: A Psychologist Doing Marriage Counseling

As a practicing psychologist for over 40 years, I am licensed by the Maryland Board of Examiners for Psychologists.

Counseling for your Marriage

Over the years I have been working with couples to help them put their marriages back together, mostly in Baltimore. Couples are often referred to me when they are on the brink of divorce, and when they are trying to pick up the pieces after an affair.

I have tried to keep the information helpful. You should be able to learn about me from this section, and I invite you to explore the entire website. You will learn about my attitudes and my style by reading my articles throughout this website.


Let me start by saying that the particular schools I went to are not going to be as important to you as what I can do to help your relationship.

However, let me fill you in on which schools I trained at. I attended Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, VA) for my Bachelors (BS) and Masters (MS) degrees. My Doctorate (PhD) degree is from American University (Washington, DC).

About Me

I live with my wife in Baltimore, Maryland (our youngest daughter got married in 2014). I am the first person in my family born in the United States. I was raised in Richmond, VA. My personal interests include nutrition and other health-related subjects, crafts, computers, photography, recreational reading, and outdoor activities including bicycling and walking.

Other Children

My six children are adults and live independently. We have fourteen grandchildren and counting.

Learn About Marriage

You can start almost anywhere on this website and learn about marriage. I have put together information about things that will help marriages work and other potential risks that may encourage marriages to fail.

If you are having marital problems, difficulties in your marriage, or you are thinking about divorce, I recommend you review my free marriage tips and some of the research I reference.

I wish you success in your relationship with your spouse, as well as the motivation and stamina to fix your marriage.

Warmest Regards,

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