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Contact Frank Gunzburg, Ph.D.

Get in Touch with Dr. Gunzburg to Save Marriage or Stop Divorce

In America

I can be reached at (410) 961-9091

or please email feg at drfeg dot com

ZOOM only

$100 per 45 minutes.


In Israel (after August 15, 2023)

I can be reached at 055 333 9942

or please email feg at drfeg dot com

In-person in Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel or ZOOM

NIS350 per 45 minutes.


Getting Marriage Help

Dr. Gunzburg offers marriage counseling in Maryland to couples from all over the world.

Save Your Marriage and Stop Divorce

If you want to save your marriage and stop divorce, or if you need someone to help you and your spouse survive an affair, Dr. Gunzburg can help. He has been helping couples fix broken marriages for over 40 years. If you and your spouse will put in the work, Dr. Gunzburg can help show you how to create a better, happier marriage.