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Seeing Dr. Gunzburg for Marriage Counseling Session

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Counseling Appointments

Counseling sessions are arranged initially by telephone. You may send in a request using the form to the left, but we will confirm and set up the exact date and time by telephone before the appointment is considered scheduled.

Phone Numbers
  • 410-654-1300
  • 866-654-1300 (toll-free)

After your first appointment, times can also be set by email or by texting. You can initially email me from my contact page, or get my email and cell phone number when we meet the first time.

Marriage Help with Dr. Gunzburg

You can use this form to request either a marriage retreat or a session of marriage counseling.

Dr. Gunzburg has been helping couples from all over the world fix broken marriages for over 40 years. You can probably save your marriage and stop divorce. Get on the road to a better, happier marriage today.

Easy Appointment Scheduling

Mutually convenient times can almost always be arranged. In addition to regular office hours, there are some morning, evening, and weekend hours available.