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Free Marriage Self Help eCourses

Starter Systems to Help You Save Your Marriage and Stop Divorce


Self Help Marriage Books

These self help marriage books by Dr. Gunzburg, in either downloadable format or audio format, can give you and your spouse the tools you need to heal your marriage. You can use the detailed exercises to work through your issues with your spouse.

Self Help Marriage Books

Self Help Marriage Audio Books

Getting Marriage Help

Dr. Gunzburg has over 40 years of experience. Dr. Gunzburg is a licensed psychologist practicing in the state of Maryland. Dr. Gunzburg helps couples from all over the world save their marriages and stop divorce. Dr. Gunzburg is a registered marriage friendly therapist.

Working with Dr. Gunzburg Personally

Dr. Gunzburg is available for marriage retreats for couples from out-of-town, and marriage counseling for couples who are local to Baltimore or can drive in on a regular basis.

Contacting Dr. Gunzburg

Contact Dr. Gunzburg or call at 410-654-1300 (or for toll-free call 866-654-1300) to make an appointment or to learn more.

Free Marriage Self Help Courses

For information on how to immediately start saving your marriage and stopping divorce, there is a self help marriage ecourse available on the left, through Dr. Gunzburg’s website. The second two ecourses are not available right now but will be updated soon.

The free marriage ecourse program(the first one listed) is designed to give you the advice you need to start improving your marriage immediately.

This free system will help you and your spouse take specific steps to improve your marriage. Once you start this free marriage ecourse, there is a complete self help system that can help you heal from an affair, or you can set an appointment with Dr. Gunzburg for marriage counseling or for a marriage retreat.