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Wouldn’t you like to be excited about your spouse like in the beginning of your marriage when things were so wonderful? Are you stuck with anger and resentments that have built up over the years? I can help you deal with these feelings to rekindle your marriage and make your marriage better than ever.

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Baltimore Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling & Stress Management

When you are sleepy, hungry, irritable, stressed out or in pain, your resources are low. You are much more likely to have a bad time with your spouse. There are many ways to lower your stress levels. You might learn relaxation techniques, mindfulness, self-hypnosis or even take medication. I teach some of these methods. I also work with treatment points in the ear to give you more resources and help you balance your emotions.

Banish Resentment

Learn to renew your passion and bring back your love. Learn strategies to work out resentment.

Divorce Alternative

Get professional marriage help and save yourself from the woes and heavy costs of divorce. Office is in Pikesville, part of Baltimore, Maryland

Rekindle Your Romance

Your in-love feelings feel as if they are gone. Based on my experiences with many couples, these feelings are probably not gone, just covered up by anger, disappointment and resentment. I can help you fall back in love if you want to. Wouldn’t you like to get back some of your passion for each other?

Resolve Issues

Whether the conflict is 20 years old or days old, I will teach you skills you can use to move from conflict to resolution.

Get Rid of Anger

I can teach you how anger works in your relationship and how to avoid creating angry feelings in the first place.

Happier and Together

Some long-term studies show that staying married gives you better odds of being happy over the long run. People who divorced, on the other hand, as a group did not improve their happiness when re-interviewed five years later.

Clients Say

What you are doing is wonderful. You are a great man. There is nothing greater in this world than true love – “true”, real-life love with all its flaws and beauty. And you are one of its true warriors, not the prince charming of fairytales but the relationship doctor of gritty, beautiful, real-life relationships.

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Arguing is one way for a couple to attempt to resolve a disagreement. Arguments can range from a mildly contentious exchange of ideas to an explosive personal trashing of one or both of the participants. Ideal Arguments Ideally, arguments would be more like debating two sides of an issue. Each perso ...

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