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Keep Away From Infidelity

Stay Away from Infidelity, To Lessen Its Possibility

The further you stay away from anything that even slightly may lead to infidelity, the better off you will be.

I often get couples in my office for counseling after an affair. Many times, the spouse who had an affair did not start out looking to cheat on his or her spouse. There were little baby steps that happened along the way, eventually leading to the marital affair.

Affairs are Destructive, So Stay Far, Far Away

Infidelity in marriage is tremendously destructive. It rips holes through the marriage that take a long time to fix, if they are ever able to be fixed.

It Starts Small, So Don’t Start

An affair will often start with something small that seems innocent. Drinks after work with co-workers, which ends up being just the one co-worker, which ends up in not good places. Some flirtation with a barista, leading to talking, texting, and finally to worse places. Meeting up with an old flame to innocently “catch-up”, which may have been innocent intentions, but led to not-so-innocent places.

The best protection to avoid these trying scenarios is to avoid them at all costs. If you must go for drinks after work, leave when everyone else does and invite your spouse. Don’t flirt with baristas, waiters, waitresses, et cetera – and if you find them flirting with you, smile and tell them you are married. Avoid meeting up with old flames, or if you really must, bring along your spouse.

Be On Your Best Behaviors, Together

You and your spouse made a commitment to each other. Be responsible to both your own character and your spouse and maintain your vows by not straying outside of your marriage. You can do it, but the first step you can take is don’t walk in the path of temptation.

I wish you the strength to keep your marriage vows. Warmest regards,