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Married Couples Retreat

Arrange a Personal Married Couples Retreat

If you like my philosophy and approach, a good way to get started is to arrange your own, personal married couples retreat. We schedule multiple 2- and 3-hour appointments over two to four days to create a married couples retreat.

Get Help at Your Own Married Couples Retreat

Couples retreats are particularly helpful for those of you who come from out-of-town and others who want an intensive marriage counseling experience. You can consult with me when setting up the retreat to build a retreat that suits your needs; we can schedule the time to be most productive for your marriage, and most conducive to working through the issues that you and your spouse are experiencing.

Learn Marriage Skills Without Interruption

This program allows time for you to learn relationship skills often during one extended session. You have the opportunity to immediately go out and practice, and then return the same day or the next to go over what worked for you and what didn’t while it is still a fresh experience.

This is a particularly powerful way for you to begin your healing experience, as it allows you to get quicker feedback on how to improve.

Learn Helpful New Ways of Thinking

Breaking old destructive habits and establishing new healing ones do not happen like magic. Change in your marriage requires implementing new ways of thinking.

You will learn and establish thinking patterns that are helpful rather than destructive to your relationship. I will guide and supervise your initial practice to help you disrupt your old behaviors and insert the helpful thinking.

In most cases, a marriage retreat helps you create this cycle, and if you need more work, we can set follow-up sessions in person or by Skype.

Work With Me To SAVE Your Marriage

I am a marriage-friendly therapist. You can find me in the Marriage-Friendly Therapists Registry. This tells you that in addition to being properly licensed and experienced, I am in the minority of marriage therapists fully committed to preserving your marriage, if it is at all possible.

Marriage Therapy Can Subtly Lead to Divorce

Unfortunately, a therapist can subtly lead you to divorce and even undermine your efforts without your knowledge if he or she holds an opinion different than yours. So choose your marriage therapist wisely.

I look forward to working with you.
Warm regards and my best wishes for a wonderful marriage,