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Intensive Marriage Counseling

Create a Better Marriage with Intensive Marriage Therapy

Marriage retreats are a great form of intensive marriage therapy. We use two to four days and sessions lasting from 2- to 3-hours to work on building skills, resolving issues, and learning skills that can help your marriage become better than it ever was.

Intensive Marriage Counseling Is Intense

Intensive marriage therapy is not going to be for every couple. It is intense and has a lot packed into a short amount of time; there is also more opportunity to begin using these relationship tools right away. Since the time is compacted, it’s easier to remember what to do as situations come up.

For those who are willing, intensive marriage counseling is a great tool to spend a few days investing in your marriage together and walking away in a healthier state. The considerable feedback you and your spouse receive from me, and the tremendous effort you and your spouse put into the marriage retreat, will help get your marriage on the road to recovery quickly.

Hybrid Intensive Marriage Counseling

Another option, instead of doing a marriage retreat that lasts for a few days and covers a number of hours in those days, is to do a few intensive marriage counseling sessions with me, but spaced out over a few weeks. Each session would be two or three hours long, which allows us to cover more ground, and spacing the sessions over a number of weeks allows you and your spouse more time to practice and strengthen yourselves in the areas we discuss.

Marriage Counseling Is Slower Paced

Some marriages will do better with marriage counseling sessions that are spread out over a longer period of time. This allows the couple to take a breather from the intensity of being in the midst of a therapy session, and gives more time for the couple to practice their new skills.