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A Divorce Alternative

Back to the Basics: Stay Married

This article was written and originally published during the recent recession, although the information within is applicable in all economic conditions.

I recently read that divorce is down due to the economy not doing so well. Couples having trouble can’t afford to support two households instead of one, can’t afford lawyer’s fees and court costs, and can’t afford all of the other expenses involved in dissolving a marriage.

Some of these married couples decide to stay married as a divorce alternative.

Board Game Sales Are Up

I also read that due to the economy’s weaknesses, board game sales and puzzle sales are up. Playing board games creates quite a financial savings over movies, trips, concerts, and eating out.

Are These Developments Bad? Perhaps Not

There was a time in the not so distant past when marriage was “for better or for worse” and couples actually stuck it out during the hard times.

Significant Marital Improvement from Staying Married

In fact, there was a survey done in 1985 with a follow-up in the 1990’s that showed significant marital improvement from just staying married. Almost 80% of the couples who were ready to get divorced in 1985, but somehow managed to stay married, reported being happily married in the 1990’s.

A Divorce Alternative

Bad Economic Trend Good for Families

Who knows, this trend due to poor economic strength may turn out to be a good thing for families and, as I mentioned before, perhaps even provide a divorce alternative.

We have to remember, too, that sex is also free entertainment and mostly encourages feelings of attachment and marital bonding.

Children are usually better off when their parents stay together, even if the parents are somewhat unhappy about the situation. And board games? Movies and TV rarely promote anything good in a family. For the most part, these entertainment venues encourage disrespect, low tolerance for boredom, and high expectations for materialistic and sexual pleasures. With board games, families and friends sit in the same room, mostly facing each other, or sitting side-by-side, and find themselves actually talking to each other.

Promote Conversation and Unity

No longer will we have to text the person on the other end of the couch so as not to disturb the person in the middle. Board games promote conversation and unity, assuming there are no cutthroat players who think their lives depend on winning.

Good from Bad Events

Nobody likes that the economy is down, but at least some good can come from even bad events.

As a family-oriented therapist, I encourage sticking together during tough times and coming together in family activities that encourage interactions.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful marriage and a close family,