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Remember the Good Times in Your Marriage

Reminisce With Old Photos

Sit down with your spouse and remember the good times in your marriage. Do something good for yourself, for your health, for your spouse, and for your relationship. Talk about good times with your spouse. You could begin with a photo album and reminisce or you could just begin talking about good times you’ve had together or you could start telling your spouse aspects you like or appreciate about your spouse’s personality.

Being Positive Is Good For Your Health

Focusing on the good, the positive is statistically related to better health, longer life, more satisfying life, better problem-solving skills, better immune system, and more. With so many positive benefits to a free activity, why would you deny yourself and your spouse?

Make a Habit of Being Positive

Of course, doing this once is not going to get you the long-term benefits. You really have to make it a life-style change. It’s free. If both you and your spouse are involved it could change your relationship and be a healthy model for your children if you have children. To receive the most benefit, you have to think positively and remember the good times even when you’re not in each other’s presence, for example when you’re at work or in your car.

Learn More About Positive Psychology

If you want to pursue reading about the research in this field, Dr. Martin Seligman has probably done more research on positive psychology than anyone else. Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar has had the largest Positive Psychology class at Harvard ever. Another way to connect into positive psychology is to show appreciation and practice saying thanks to your spouse.

I wish you all the best and wonderful experiences that you remember and take time to focus on. Create a wonderful marriage,