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Things to Do in Washington, DC

I offer marriage retreats from my office in Baltimore, Maryland. Once you are traveling to Baltimore for intensive marriage therapy, you might add some time to your trip to see the sights. Have fun. Reconnect with each other.

One option for nearby destinations is Washington, DC. It is about an hour away by train (the MARC train, which only runs on weekdays) or car. If you schedule the time into your trip, there is a lot to do in DC (scroll down for ideas).

If you are concerned about spending leisure time together, please discuss this with me early on. It may have been a while since the two of you went out and had fun together, but most couples can do it.

Try to keep your plans tentative. Otherwise, there may be a lot of pressure to do a certain activity, and that is not what you are here for. Ultimately, you will be here to improve your marriage.

I suggest you call ahead and make sure the information online is accurate. This a resource for your benefit, please do your own research into price, availability, and suitability.

Remember to have fun! Spend the time together and treat it like a first date.

Things to Do in Washington DC

Specific Washington, DC Attractions

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