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Pikesville Activities and Attractions

Things to Do in Pikesville and Baltimore County

Have some fun while you are here for the marriage retreat! I have put together some resources about available activities and attractions (scroll down) in the Pikesville and Baltimore County areas (Pikesville is in Baltimore County, in Maryland). You can also learn about activities and attractions in Baltimore, Maryland and in Washington DC.

The most important thing to remember about doing any activities while you are here to improve your marriage is to have fun. You will need some breaks from the work when you let potential issues slide by and concentrate on being in the moment while you reconnect. Leave your cellphones hidden in the car or turned off.

If you find yourselves hesitant to do activities together, please mention it to me, so that I can help you work through that, if possible.

Making definite plans may create some unnecessary pressure, so I urge you to find a few things that will be interesting to both of you and write them down somewhere; if you have time and you want to have fun, discuss together which things you will do.

I suggest you call ahead and make sure the information online is accurate. This a resource for your benefit; please do your own research into price, availability, and suitability.

Above all, enjoy yourselves during these breaks. These are opportunities to reconnect without pressure.

Things to Do in Pikesville, Maryland (and very close by)

Things to Do in Greater Baltimore County