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Facebook and Infidelity

Social Media Can Lead to Divorce - Be Careful on Facebook!

I have had numerous couples in my office, bringing in evidence of cheating and infidelity based on Facebook and other social media websites. When the couple is unable to move past the infidelity, this social media evidence of cheating is sometimes later used in court.

Be Cautious and Stop Cheating

I urge you to be cautious when using social media (if you really even have to). You can use certain strategies to keep yourself away from temptation, such as:

  • Using one social media account for the two of you as a married couple.
  • Sharing passwords with each other for every social media site you use.
  • Identify yourself as happily married for all online profiles.
  • Avoid lengthy communications with members of the opposite sex; try to avoid even shorter communications.
  • Don’t complain about your spouse publicly or over social media.

Precautions Against Infidelity For Your Good

These precautions can help couples keep away from infidelity. Infidelity becomes a problem usually when one spouse begins to guard personal space, such as cell phone access, internet use, and other things. When both spouses are open and transparent, there is less of an opportunity for an extra-marital affair to blossom.

I Recommend You Protect Your Marriage

In my opinion Facebook and other social media should be used in a way that clearly demonstrates to your spouse you are building a fence around your marriage in order to protect the sanctity of your marriage.

Stay Far Away from Infidelity

My recommendation is that you not do anything that could even potentially lead to someone other than your spouse being special to you. I recommend you share passwords with your spouse, identify yourself as happily married for all online profiles, or even better, have only a shared page.

If you tend to complain about your spouse, fix the problem instead. Definitely don’t complain publicly or over a social media.

Getting Marriage Help

Find a marriage-friendly marriage counselor if you can’t repair your marriage yourself. Nurture your spouse and help him or her to feel special in your eyes.

I wish you the best success in protecting the sanctity of your marriage,