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Avoid Love At Work

Keep Away From Infidelity By Avoiding Creating A Work Spouse

You want to stay away from love at the office or setting up a work spouse. This situation, while not immediately damaging, can harm your marriage in the long run.

Work Relationship Only

Some may argue that it is a work relationship and not a personal relationship. Therefore it shouldn’t matter. This is a fallacy. What level of risk are you willing to accept in your life? If your marriage is important to you, you should want to protect it, even against what might seem to be a low-probability issue.

Love at Work Can Lead to Infidelity

I see people who are struggling to repair their marriages after having a “work spouse”. The best thing you can do for your marriage is to avoid having a work spouse in the first place.

I have written further addressing the concerns and issues with having a work spouse. You can learn more by reading about love at the office or by reading about marital affairs and the workplace.