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Practice Expressing Gratitude

Saying "Thanks" Helps You Think of the Positive in Your Marriage

Practice saying “thanks”. Show appreciation for your spouse by leaving a handwritten note for him or her to find later. Express your gratitude for a job well done. Think about your day and find something your spouse does for you that you hadn’t previously noticed or mentioned. Give praise or thanks for what you hadn’t previously mentioned. It’s even better if you include a touch or hug.

Being married for a long time can make us forget all of the wonderful things that our spouse does for us on a daily basis. Often, our spouses are constantly watching out for little things that we do or don’t like and making sure that it is done the way we like it. We forget sometimes to show appreciation or to express gratitude, and many times it only takes a small “Thank You”, demonstrating that you noticed the kindness.

Appreciation Goes a Long Way

Remember the last time that you made an extra effort on behalf of your spouse and they missed the opportunity to say thank you? Did you get upset? Did it hurt your feelings? Did you feel less inclined to do something for him or her next time?

Similarly, your spouse may feel like that every time that you miss an opportunity to say “Thank You”, or to express gratitude or appreciation in some other way.

Start Appreciating and Expressing Thanks! Today

It is never too late to start. You can and should start today. Tell your spouse how much you appreciate things that he or she has been doing for you for years. Expand on it a little to show that you really notice it and appreciate it.

For instance, “I love that you are so careful to always have breakfast waiting for me. Thank you for taking such good care of me for all these years.”

Remember, if you ate over at someone’s house, a far better compliment than “The food was great!” is when a person picks specific items, such as, “I particularly enjoyed the green beans and the way you roasted them. It was very creative and the end result was delicious.” It shows that you noticed all the hard work that went into the meal. If you are willing to do this for someone you don’t know so well, surely you can do this for your spouse, whom you are with for most of the time?