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Allow Time To Cool Off from Anger

It Is Okay to Take A Break From A Marital Argument to Cool Off

Married life is not all peaches and cream. I’m sure you have realized that by now.

That being said, there are going to be good times and bad times. Some married couples frequently deal with anger issues, and others may have issues at occasional times in their lives with anger.

If you and your spouse are angry with each other, or fighting, allow yourselves time to cool off and discuss the issue at a later, pre-determined time.

Anger Is Explosive; Let It Fizzle Away

Anger is an explosive emotion, and can often run away from us even without meaning it to. One way to get around this is to allow the anger some time to fizzle away.

When one spouse is angry at the other spouse, sometimes being faced with the cause of the anger can make the anger get worse or continue when perhaps it is better to let the anger settle down, instead.

Meet Later, Without Anger

When you and your spouse see that anger is getting in the way of a reasonable solution, discuss a specific later time to continue the discussion, allowing the two of you to calm down and get detached from the anger that you have been experiencing.

Does NOT Always Apply

There may be times that this will not apply, such as in the aftermath of the discovery of an affair, or when the spouse who is in the throes of a temper tantrum will not listen to reason. At that point, you must make a judgement call of the best thing to do.

If you or your spouse is having issues working through anger problems in marriage on your own, please contact me so we can discuss your options for getting marriage help. Alternatively, you can look into my marriage self-help books.