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Stop Divorce: There IS Hope!

Consider the Option of Fixing Your Marriage

Have you considered that one option is to stop divorce and work to fix your marriage? If you are not certain about divorce, perhaps you should not be pursuing divorce.

Society Tells Us Divorce Is Solution

If divorce seems like a viable option for you, you’re probably feeling discouraged and thinking there is no cure for your marital problems. The divorce rate in the U.S. is about 50%. Also, notice how many TV shows and stories involve divorce. You certainly would not be alone in thinking that divorce is the solution.

Society and pop culture are creating and perpetuating this idea that divorce is normal and that throwing away the marriage is the solution. This does not have to be so: In many cases the couple is capable of stopping divorce by working on their relationship with professional guidance and creating a wonderful marriage.

On the Verge of Divorce: Counseling as a Last Resort

Many of the couples I work with are on the verge of divorce and seek counseling as a last resort. It is heartwarming when this last-ditch effort works to save the marriage. Of course, there are also couples who come to see me way before the relationship gets so desperate, which usually makes the marriage counseling smoother and quicker.

Heading toward Divorce Can Warp your Thinking

When couples feel like they’re on a diesel train headed to divorce court, their thinking is often something like: “What good would it do to repair our marriage? I don’t want to go back to that lousy relationship.”

That’s correct. You don’t want to recreate the “old” marriage, which didn’t work. You want to create a relationship that is better than ever.

It’s even possible that while leading up to divorce you’ve re-written your past to tell yourself that you’ve never been in love with each other.

Be careful! These thoughts may harm your chances at successfully putting your marriage back together.

Still Have Hope for Your Marriage?

You are reading this article on a site to repair your marriage so perhaps you still think you can turn your broken marriage around and take your relationship down a better path.

Even so, you might find the following statement difficult to imagine in your current state:

If you are going to repair your relationship and stop divorce, you need to make your marriage better than it ever was.

Changing course to a wonderful relationship is a difficult path, but I know it is possible if the two of you are willing to put in your effort. I know because this is the work I do every day. I have been helping couples come back from the brink of divorce for over 40 years.

I know that couples who are determined to stay together are usually able to stop divorce.

I wish you wonderful success on your renewed journey to create a life together that embodies the joy and excitement you always wanted from each other in your marriage.