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Increase Marriage Intimacy

Heal Marriage Intimacy Problems by Improving Closeness in Your Marriage

Do you have marriage intimacy problems? Are these intimacy issues hurting your relationship?

Remember when you were first with your spouse, you felt all the initial intimacy, love and romance. You probably started thinking, “This is the one for me!” Back then you could not wait to be with your love again and you anxiously awaited each new contact.

Losing Marriage Intimacy: Emotional and/or Physical

Most couples who come to see me have been putting up with a loss of marriage intimacy, emotional and/or physical, for a long time. Sometimes one person notices the lack of intimacy and sometimes both spouses notice. Sometimes, this is tolerated, waiting for some big happening like the children reaching a certain age or a job transfer.

Sometimes, one person has been putting up with a loss of intimacy and other problem behaviors because of the love bond and the hope that things will get better in the future. You might even have tried to normalize your situation over time, by saying “Oh, everyone goes through this.”

Losing Focus of Intimacy and Romance After Marriage

The everyday demands of work, bills, laundry, home maintenance, family, and the other responsibilities of living become more demanding than spending time with your spouse. Intimacy and romance are nothing more than vague memories. Even when you plan time together you end up moving it aside in favor of other obligations.

You can turn this around! You can get the intimacy and romance back into your relationship and help solve your marriage intimacy problems.

Increase Intimacy in Your Marriage: Some Suggestions

Try putting all or some of the following suggestions into use in your marriage to increase your marriage intimacy.

Make Your Spouse Feel Special
  • Send an “I love you” text.
  • Give your spouse complete attention.
  • Compliment your spouse’s appearance.
  • Do a chore your spouse doesn’t like.
  • Act like you want to be there.
Have Conversations Together & Allow Time for Talking
  • Go for a walk & talk together.
  • Sit on the porch, watch the sun set & talk about the day.
  • Try this communication exercise to help you use active listening for better marriage communication.
Be Open & Honest About Where You Are & Your Activities
  • Call if you are going to be late.
  • Don’t hide your cell phone.
  • Tell your spouse where you are going & what you are doing.
  • Include and invite your spouse to join you whenever possible.
Have Fun Together & Don’t Compare Your Fun To Other Couples
  • Arrange dates to go out together.
  • Play a board game, cards or sports together.
  • Go out to lunch.
Be Affectionate With Words & Touch
  • Hold hands.
  • Cuddle and make-out.
  • Stroke your spouse’s hair or face.

You can find other easy ways to increase intimacy in my marriage self-help program, Saving Your Marriage. Take the time and effort to open the door of opportunity towards better marriage intimacy. Taking charge of your relationship in a positive way can lead you to a marriage that is better than ever.

Warm regards and my best wishes for increasing your marriage intimacy,