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Thanksgiving: Is it a day for Thanks? Or for Giving?

Thanks and Giving are Important Parts of a Marriage

Once a year in the U.S. we celebrate Thanksgiving to remember that our country’s forefathers gave thanks to God for being blessed with food and life. I want to challenge your thinking with some “thanks” and “giving” ideas about marriage.

Thanksgiving Today

It seems to me that in today’s world Thanksgiving means football, family meals, beer, and holiday shopping. The giving thanks part has been relegated to a minor position. The tradition was started by people who probably gave thanks on at least a daily basis, and now, as a nation, we can barely get around to it once a year.

Thanks and Giving in Marriage

“Thanks” and “Giving” are both important aspects of marriage. There are many actions you can take to have a good or even a wonderful marriage. If you’ve read even parts of my website, you’ve probably run across some of the actions I suggest for improving your marriage.

Giving Thanks is Important for Your Relationship

I think it is important in building your relationship that you regularly give thanks to your spouse for all the good that your spouse does for you and your family.

Along with thanks, give praise and recognition for things your spouse can do and for your spouse’s accomplishments. This includes praise and recognition for what you like and appreciate in your spouse’s appearance.

If you can’t think of anything your spouse does that you can be thankful for, or, you can’t think of anything praiseworthy about your spouse, I suggest you are intentionally blinding yourself. Perhaps you are too angry or too hurt to notice your spouse’s contributions, accomplishments, and attractiveness.

Make it your “job” within your relationship to find things about your spouse to be thankful for and for which you can give praise and appreciation. If your relationship has been going bad lately, one of you has to begin the path back to good, and this is one way you can do that. At least once a day authentically thank your spouse for something and give recognition, particularly personal praise. Particularly, pay attention for opportunities to speak when you feel them.

I wish you a wonderful and enjoyable Thanksgiving Day, and one where you will remember to do something to improve your marriage.