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Self-Help Marriage Books

Comprehensive Systems to Save Marriage and Stop Divorce

The self-help marriage books are temporarily unavailable. Check back in the future for more information.

Getting Marriage Help

Dr. Gunzburg has been a practicing licensed psychologist for over 40 years. Dr. Gunzburg practices in the state of Maryland, helping save marriages from all over the world. Dr. Gunzburg is also a registered marriage friendly therapist.

Working with Dr. Gunzburg Personally

Dr. Gunzburg offers marriage counseling and marriage retreats. If you are local to Baltimore, Maryland, or can easily drive there, marriage counseling is usually your best bet. If you will be traveling to see Dr. Gunzburg, a marriage retreat is usually your wisest investment.

Contacting Dr. Gunzburg

Please contact Dr. Gunzburg at any time, or call 410-654-1300 (and toll-free call 866-654-1300) for questions or to make an appointment.