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Surprise Each Other

Use Small Surprises to Ignite Feelings of Passion

You can use small surprises to ignite feelings of love and passion in your spouse. No, I am not talking about huge surprise birthday parties, or huge expensive surprise gifts. I mean the little things that come from the heart.

In our age of consumerism, we are lead to believe by the advertising campaigns and the fake life on television and in movies that surprises and gestures have to be grand, orchestrated events. This is not so. You can show your spouse that you care for him or her greatly by using small demonstrations of your appreciation and love and surprising your spouse with these gestures.

A Little Can Mean A Lot

Even a little can mean a lot if done with the right emotion. There are many things that you can do for your spouse that will help your spouse to feel cared for and appreciated.

Everyone likes to be recognized for a job well done. It means a lot to us as humans. We seek recognition and appreciation. You can use small surprises to shower your spouse with praise and gratitude.

Ideas for Surprises to Reignite Passion

  • Hand-write a heartfelt note and leave it somewhere for your spouse to find.
  • Buy a small gift – flowers or balloons – and give it to your spouse when she is not expecting it.
  • Do the dishes when your spouse wouldn’t expect you to.
  • Do a household chore that your spouse usually does, beating them to it.
  • Surprise your spouse by clearing an evening to spend time together.
  • Get a bottle of sparkling wine or grape juice and spend a quiet evening together on the porch, when your spouse is not expecting you to have time.

If you brainstorm, you will be able to think of many ways that you can pleasantly surprise your spouse. Remember, this is not the type of surprise that you jump out from behind the couch and yell “Surprise!” Instead, think of these surprises as the glue that helps keep your love together. These are the heartfelt surprises that show that you care for your spouse and will help rekindle the love and passionin your relationship.

I wish you the best of luck at reigniting the passion in your relationship. Warm regards,