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Meet Dr. Gunzburg

Meet Dr. Gunzburg Watch This Short Video (0:49) Meet Dr. Gunzburg Psychologist in Baltimore, MD Marriage Therapist Beliefs Therapy Style Problems in Marriage

Survive Infidelity

Are you wondering if it’s possible to survive infidelity or is your marriage now dead? Infidelity is a serious, devastating betrayal to most people who unexpectedly find out about the third person in the triangle. There is not a simple answer as to whether or not you can get your marriage back. Dr. Gunzburg on […]

Dealing with Justified Anger

Do you and your spouse get angry at each other? Is your anger justified? Dr. Gunzburg tells what to do about it and why you should be concerned. If marriage anger is a problem in your relationship, check out this short video I put together. I talk about marriage anger when you think it is […]

Can This Marriage Be Saved?

Dr. Gunzburg talks about the movie Hope Springs and saving your marriage in this YouTube video. Hope Springs, a 2012 movie about an intensive marriage retreat, brings up the question Can This Marriage Be Saved? Dr. Gunzburg, in this YouTube video, talks about his reaction to the movie and how years of built-up anger and […]