Marriage Help to Survive Infidelity

Survive Infidelity After An Affair

Are you wondering if it’s possible to survive infidelity or is your marriage now dead? Infidelity is a serious, devastating betrayal to most people who unexpectedly find out about the third person in the triangle. There is not a simple answer as to whether or not you can get your marriage back.

Dr. Gunzburg on How To Survive Infidelity (Video)

A large component of whether your marriage will survive the infidelity lies in both of you wanting it and your willingness to work to improve and repair your marriage.

There IS Hope After Infidelity, IF…

There can be hope after infidelity for your marriage to survive. Let me explain with an analogy:

Think about someone who recently had a heart attack and he wants to know if he will survive and return to health.

Some of the people who have a heart attack have abused their bodies by eating to the point of gross obesity, neglected eating the proper foods, and by being couch potatoes. Some of these people had other medical conditions they were not properly treating, such as diabetes.

Others who had a heart attack might not find an obvious lifestyle explanation for what happened. This person is in the normal weight range and does regular exercise. Usually, the cardiologist can determine the hidden risk factors and point them out to the patient.

Think of an “affair attack” on your marriage like a heart attack is to the body.

Affair Attack: Saving Your Marriage

Perhaps you’re the one who had the “affair attack” when you found out your spouse was unfaithful. As you look back, you might find obvious problems in your relationship: emotional and demeaning arguments, not treating each other as special in your life, or developing interests or social groups that excluded your spouse.

Before Learning of Infidelity, You May Think Everything is Okay

Some of you may think all is okay before you find out about your spouse’s infidelity. You might even feel as if you were blindsided because you thought your marriage was at least “okay” or even better, perhaps “really good.” You can’t find any compelling “reasons” that your spouse would cheat.

Of course, there is no justifiable reason for infidelity. However, some people are quite creative in delivering an argument to try to justify an extra-marital affair, and even sometimes make you, the non-cheating partner, feel guilty.

Marriage Help to Survive Infidelity

I have over 40 years of experience in helping couples and their marriages survive after marital infidelity. There is a very specific process to follow. Not every therapist can help you with this.

Marriage Therapy

I help couples from all over the world learn to move past infidelity in my office, which is in Maryland. I offer marriage counseling and marriage retreats.

You can call me locally on 410-654-1300 or toll-free on 866-654-1300 to learn more.

Self-Help for Marriage

I have written a self-help program, How to Survive an Affair, that can take you through the step-by-step process; this is in addition to my other marriage self-help programs.