Baltimore Marriage Counseling

You Can Save Your Marriage

Are you frustrated in your interactions with someone close?

With tens of thousands of hours of listening to intimate stories of relationships, I help people understand what makes relationships work and what happens when they don’t. I am an educator. If you have a mental health problem or think you need medication, you need to speak with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

If you have trouble understanding your spouse, or making yourself understood, or you can’t talk with each other without leading to an argument, that’s where I can help. I teach and explain what each of you does or doesn’t do to contribute to your problems.

As your understanding grows, I advise you how to influence what happens between you. Think of me as your personal consultant on how you can influence your relationship.

I’m not going to change your personality or treat any disorder. But, if you’re having trouble navigating the jungle of arguments, anger and misunderstandings, I can be your guide to show you the path.

Contact Us

In America

I can be reached at (410) 961-9091

or please email feg at drfeg dot com

ZOOM only

$100 per 45 minutes

In Israel (after August 15, 2023)

I can be reached at 055 333 9942

or please email feg at drfeg dot com

In-person in Ramat Beit Shemesh Gimmel or ZOOM

NIS350 per 45 minutes.

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